Why Behavioral Models?

Verification: Analog/Mixed-Signal behavioral models, whether real-number functional or electrical, are absolutely necessary for Design Verification (DV) of Systems-on-Chip (SOC) or large mixed signal devices.  Model accuracy is critical for verifying adaptive digital control (e.g. automatic gain control, digitally controlled frequency synthesizers, automated self-calibration).  With the cost of today's nano-scale mask sets it is irresponsible to neglect functional verification, or to "make do" with less than optimal models.
System Design: Behavioral models can be the link between high level plans using C, Matlab etc. and the detailed design level of RTL and schematic.  Behavioral models may be executed on the same platform as the final design and their output waveforms graphically displayed side by side and compared to those of the final design.  As such, they become an "executable spec" for the final design.

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