“… In every case he has played a key role in producing high quality silicon designs for mixed signal, power management, and RF applications. He takes an active role in verification to ensure design intent and circuit implementation are in alignment as well as making sure application requirements are met. He carefully documents his modeling plans and reviews them with other designers, a process which exposes design issues early in the development process ….”

“… A trustworthy and reliable engineer and great to work with. He is very professional at what he does and an excellent engineer whom I would recommend to anyone. I would definitely like to work with him again!”

— Client Comments

Robert O. Peruzzi, PhD, PE, DFE provides forensic investigation and expert witness testimony in legal matters involving:

  • intellectual property (IP)
  • patents
  • failure analysis and
  • product liability

as well as in disputes over requirements, specifications, design, testing, reliability, and failure, including those resulting in personal injury or death (see Case Descriptions).

Electrical, Electronics, Microelectronics, Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits,
and Equipment for Control Systems, Communication Systems, and Electro-Mechanical Systems

Dr. Robert Peruzzi is a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer, Board Certified in Forensic Engineering, with a subspecialty in integrated circuits and electrical modules used for signal-processing in communication and electro-mechanical control systems. (Read more about Dr. Peruzzi's experience and expertise.)

Examples of communication and control systems include:

  • Internet of Things (IOT) systems
  • Audio amplifiers
  • Audio recording/play-back systems
  • Telephones, mobile phones, and cell phones
  • Voltage regulators and battery chargers
  • Data transmitting/receiving systems such as serializer/de-serializers (SERDES)
  • Power-management devices including switch-mode power converters
  • Lithium ion battery management systems
  • Data recording/retrieving systems for magnetic media such as disk drives or magnetic tape
  • Video systems, such as television and webcams making use of CCDs
  • Radio transmitters/receivers and their building blocks such as low noise amplifiers, filters, automatic gain control, oscillators, frequency synthesizers and phase-locked loops, and frequency mixers (down-converters, up-converters)
  • Heat, ventilation, and air conditioning controllers (HVAC)
  • Traffic light control and emergency preemption systems
  • Remote control systems for hobbyist aircraft and vehicles
  • Pressure sensors for reading depth of fluid column
  • Electrical equipment power and grounding

In addition to forensic engineering and expert witnessing, Robert Peruzzi is an engineering consultant in the areas of electronics design, design verification and behavioral modeling of electro-mechanical, communication, and control systems.

Robert O. Peruzzi, PhD, PE - Electronics Consultant, Expert Witness

Robert O. Peruzzi, PhD, PE. DFE

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